Life in a Smart Frame

World Photography Day

Did you know World Photography Day is on 19th August?

So, roll up your sleeves. This is just the right opportunity for you to flaunt your photography skills. As we all are aware, photography is close to everyone’s heart. For the simple reason that who does not want to capture memories. Photography is a passion, a pleasant habit, a state of art which can make many ecstatic and cry, at the same time.

The world of photography has evolved whilst technology invades our lifestyle, as each day passes. From what started as print photography, the man-made world now craves a transition and smarter ways of documenting moments & life. In this digital age, smartphones offer the best of camera technology. In order to make your life easy, we decided to share with you a few tried & tested smart tips to click good quality pictures with your smartphones.

1. Lighting is Important

Simply say no to low lighting. It is your responsibility to make sure your subject is facing the light source and you’re against it, unless, of course, you want to take a silhouette! Good light is capable of giving a scene shape, depth and will make the subject look interesting. Good light is utmost important in mobile photography because you can’t create much more interest with different focal lengths and varying depth of field

2. Clean the Lens

Similar to your reading glasses, these set of lenses call for a wipe session every time you use them. Just a gentle reminder – Keep your grubby fingers away from it!

3. Avoid Digital Zoom

Use ‘crop’ feature instead. Digital zoom might lead to unnecessary pixilation.

4. Don’t ignore the Flash feature

The conventional tendency is to ignore Flash in order to avoid artificial lighting but it is not entirely true. Do use it when necessary. Undoubtedly natural lighting is the best. But in the absence of that, use Flash, but wisely. You can always play with the picture while post processing.

5. Explore Camera App Settings

Exploration is the key to success. You may have ample functions out there, explore and play around. It is nothing but an added advantage.

6. Lookout for the Camera Software

Have you ever noticed that your camera is likely to have some scene modes, too? Or panorama and HDR features? Look for it, and do not shy away from experimenting. Use them all, they are there for a reason!

7. Catch the Right Moments

Finding an interesting moment is the most essential part of memorable photography. From lifestyle, to concept, to concrete, even subject oriented photography, takes a little bit of planning for good results. Complement the scene with a subject element, or vice versa. Capture the story, not just the moment!

8. Work Out the Logistics

Patience is literally the most essential ingredient of quality photography. Don’t just stand there, compose and snap one photo and move along. Take a hundred if need be, but do not give up until and unless you are fully satisfied with the shot!

9. Keep at it – ‘Till you get the perfect frame!

Practice makes not just a man, but the art of photography perfect too! Keep practicing, for you will not master the art of capturing in a span of few days.

10. Resolution & Aspect Ratio

Save ‘High Resolution’ in your camera settings. Avoid using 16:9 aspect ratio unless your camera has a 16:9 image sensor.

11. Focus & Exposure

The camera software of most of the smartphones lets you tap on the subject if your picture turns out to be out of focus. Set the Focus & Exposure based on what area of the frame you tap on.

12. Play with the modes

Smartphone technology is evolving by the minute. Seriously! There is a range of modes available that are meant for taking photos of fast-moving subjects, or for shooting at night. Look for them, save them and definitely experiment with them!

13. Edit if necessary

From the looks of it, editing seems to be the short cut to good photography. There is no doubt about the fact that editing will add finesse to the end product, but just be careful, do not over do it.

The above mentioned are just a few tried & tested photography tips. We are very sure you know your phone, and the phones camera, the best. But education is always helpful.

Go on. Shoot ‘em all while you can!

Now, let’s be proactive! Participate in the World Photography Day contest on our Facebook page and carve your way towards social fame.


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