The Like Hunters



To earn more “likes” on Facebook, one is willing to go out of the way, endeavoring for the same.

I thought of penning this down, whilst my first encounter with the “Like Hunters” in Namma Metro.

Girl #1: “Babe, I practically texted all my friends last night to like my new dp, but still I haven’t reached 50 likes. Damn sad!”

Girl #2: “Honey, don’t you worry. I will post your dp on my (FB) wall, and tag a few of my friends too. They will understand it is the utmost matter of likes. And you will see the likes go up to 150 in no time!”

This is definitely not it. In every social gathering that I attended in the past few months, “likes” on Facebook seems to be the most trending topic amongst friends.  You buy a new handbag/ you get married/ you buy a new gadget/ you eat at a swanky place/ you hang out with your friends at a coffee house; the first thing that runs through your mind is to post a picture on Facebook (to see how many people like it!). As if without the virtual world’s approval your handbag will disown you!

You end up taking millions (exaggerated ofcourse; to add a tinge of humor!) of selfies in different avatars, post them on FB and wait in anticipation for the number of “likes”. The “like” button has become such an implicit way of appreciation and acknowledgement that instead of replying to a friend’s comment, you end up “liking” the same. You end up checking your phone a zillion (exaggerated, yet again!) times in a day to check notifications, wondering how many more ‘likes’ you got! This is not just the story of personalized FB pages, but also of small-scale and large-scale enterprises. Companies are hiring social media agencies (there is a one uber cool company I know of, Autumn Worldwide, which does a phenomenally good job at that!) to enhance brand presence and engagement on the brand’s social media page(s). To tell you the truth, same is the story of “Followers” on Twitter, but we will get to that a little later. This story is dedicated to the “Like Hunters”!

From the time of its inception, Facebook engagement has revolved around the ‘Like’ button. ‘Comments’ and ‘Shares’ together take the post to another level of engagement, where the reaction of the viewer is more explicit and clear. Despite constant denials, social media is an indispensable part of our lives in this day and age. We all love to post our interests, opinions, thoughts on social media. But then, for what it is worth, we all (in some or the other way) are victims of the ‘like’ syndrome on Facebook, aren’t we?


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